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Personalization is key to online business growth. Sure, the internet is a crowded place, but customers are looking to be spoken to as individuals –– from the very first time they land on your site. From sending a welcome email series that introduces your brand to the new visitor (personalized with their name), to making customized recommendations to customers based on their previous buying habits –– personalizing individual customer experiences for your brand can be difficult.

But in today’s customer-centric world, what the customer thinks about your brand is of utmost importance, and the quickest way to leave a bad impression is to treat any of them as though they are just another sale.

Indeed, customer experience has become the lifeblood of many online marketing teams. This means that from the editor of your blog to the manager of your advertising campaigns, every single marketer in smart online businesses is required to think first of what the customer would want. Of course, without the data to back it up and without automation tools to help you scale your efforts, customer-centric personalization is beyond difficult –– it is nearly impossible.

This is where inbound marketing comes in –– and why Bigcommerce is announcing its one-click install integration with Hubspot for all Bigcommerce merchants. It’s an integration of two of the most sophisticated, yet user-friendly marketing software available. Bigcommerce was created to reduce the complexities of an ecommerce platform so that online businesses can focus their efforts on growth. Combine this with the automation of HubSpot’s powerful marketing automation platform, and you’ve got two of the best resources in the industry to convert your leads into repeat customers.

Watch the video below to learn more about inbound marketing and what Hubspot and Bigcommerce can do for your store.

Automatic Data Syncing for Smarter Reporting & Customer Segmentation

Automatically sync all customer and order data from Bigcommerce with HubSpot’s smart lists and reporting tools to gain more insights about your customers, including:

  • First & last order date
  • Most recent order total
  • Lifetime revenue
  • Total # of orders
  • Average order value
  • Products purchased

Create Personalized, Triggered Emails & Say Goodbye to One-Off Email Blasts

Create an unlimited amount of triggered emails with newly created HubSpot smart lists and workflows to personalize your messaging and increase your average customer lifetime value. These automated emails can include:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Post purchase follow-up
  • Product review requests

Want to get started right now? No problem. Click here to install the Hubspot app on your Bigcommerce store ($99/month) and download this free ebook here via Groove detailing exactly how to set up your new, automated emails and workflow.

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