Shipping & Fulfillment

You’ve successfully attracted a visitor, nurtured them throughout the funnel and converted them into a shopper — now it’s time to get them the product they so anxiously await. This pivotal step in the ecommerce process is where many businesses fall short — giving you an opportunity to shine above the rest and exceed customer expectations.

Successful shipping and fulfillment is largely dependent on how various parts of your business are connected within your ecommerce platform. While no simple task, there are many actionable steps you can take to ensure that customers get their orders on time and shipping turns into an asset — not a liability.

So how do you refine your order fulfillment process to delight shoppers and keep costs low? Read on to learn the following:

  • When to consider using a fulfillment center, and what to expect
  • How to lower shipping fees and reduce the time you spend fulfilling orders
  • Where to find the top ecommerce fulfillment services who can save you serious time
  • The top order and fulfillment challenges facing small businesses — and what to do about them
  • How to completely outsource your shipping and fulfillment by using a drop-shipping provider

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