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After successfully running a gourmet crab cake business since 1994, the Kauffman family opted for early retirement and sold the business in 2003. But the siren song of the delicious Maryland Blue Crab (yep, they have a siren song) called them back after just six years, and they formed Kent Island Crab Cakes.

In 2009, it was obvious they needed to sell online to make their new business work. They already knew they had a killer product from selling millions of crab cakes in their previous endeavor, but they required an e-commerce site to reach new customers and a shipping solution to get their product out. After reviewing a number of platforms, they choose Bigcommerce and the order management experts at Ordoro to power Kent Island Crab Cakes.

The Kauffmans were looking for a complete point-of-sale system rather than just an e-commerce platform, and liked that Bigcommerce worked for orders of all types — online, phone and by mail. They also liked the easy-to-use promo codes and seamless Facebook integration.

Another major benefit of Bigcommerce was the built-in SEO, including the ability to customize meta descriptions and title tags at the page level. It’s helped the business get front-page placement for a number of important keywords and phrases. They’ve even organically secured the top result on Google for “crab cakes online”!

But in order to build an unstoppable crab cake empire, the Kauffmans also needed an efficient order management solution. That’s where Ordoro came in.

“The integration of the Ordoro shipping application was one of the biggest productivity enhancements we gained,” said Ron Kauffman.

Originally, the family had to manually re-key customer information into their FedEx system for each order, a highly time-consuming process that wasn’t scalable. Integrating with Ordoro eliminated redundant tasks and allowed for batch printing of shipping labels. Best of all, Ordoro notifies Bigcommerce and provides a tracking number when an order ships, meaning customers are automatically emailed when their order goes out and can click a link to track it.

The Kauffman family brought an old passion to a new business model, and it has definitely paid off. Sales have more than doubled since the company began using Bigcommerce and Ordoro as part of their “retirement” strategy.

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