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I’m happy to announce that as of this week we’ve finalized a partnership with oDesk, the leading freelance marketplace for businesses who need help with design, development and/or marketing. The new BigCommerce group on oDesk is up and running and at the moment we’re calling on designers, developers and marketers who  have experience with BigCommerce to join the group.

Why join our oDesk group?

  1. You can bid on design, development and marketing jobs from our 10,000+ clients
  2. We’re planning to promote the group heavily (we already link to it on our design services page)
  3. It’s one of only two places where we feature 3rd party designers, developers and marketers


Join the BigCommerce group on oDesk (here’s how).

Benefits for BigCommerce clients

If you’re a BigCommerce client and need help with any aspects of BigCommerce such as design, custom development, SEO, SEM, marketing, etc, then you now have two options.

The first is our design partners. They’re experts at working with BigCommerce and can complete your design project from start to finish.

The second of course is our new oDesk group. If you have a small job or want help with search engine optimization, marketing, copywriting, etc then you can post a job request and freelancers will apply to complete the work for you. You can check their work history, skills, reviews and more. It’s a great way to pay by the hour for talented freelancers who are located all over the world.

Why oDesk?

We chose to partner with oDesk because we use them ourselves (and have for a few years). In 2011 there’s no reason to hire a huge army of staff if you don’t need to, and the beauty of oDesk is that you bring on people only when you need them. You can do pay by the hour or even set a fixed price on a job.

Think about all of the talent you can find to help with your search engine optimization, store and banner ad design, customer service reps, cold-calling sales people, Google Analytics and more. The possibilities really are endless.

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