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Ecommerce Apps to Save You Time and Improve Your Customer’s Post-Purchase Experience

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Attracting and keeping customers happy –– and returning –– is the real difficulty of running an online business. Like any interaction, cadence and the right amount of pleasantries can go a long way. Once a visitor has converted to a sale, communication is critical.

Periodically, I’ll go through the checkout process in my store to review the UX. As technologies evolve and improve, it’s important to me to make sure my post-checkout flow is withstanding the test of time.

Similarly, I make mental notes of great experiences I’ve personally had when shopping online. When it came time for me to get a new pair of eyeglasses, Warby Parker was a clear front runner. Despite going into the physical location, they lean heavily on their ecommerce platform to facilitate the checkout process. I was impressed when I got their order shipped email, which displayed the information in an easily digestible way. I also enjoyed the subject line: “Let the obsessive package tracking begin.”

Whether it’s supplying critical order information up front or helping someone with a customer service issue weeks later, here are some ecommerce apps to help delight customers post-purchase similar to even your favorite brands.



AskNicely is a customer feedback solution that surveys a customer shortly after a transaction has occurred. By giving them this easy-to-use platform, they can share their positive or negative feedback.

While positive feedback is most desirable, negative feedback can give you an opportunity to correct something your operation may be replicating with each sale. What’s more, by addressing their concerns sooner rather than later, you reduce the risk of using social media as their bullhorn.



More than 40% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features an ecommerce site can offer. Set this up for your business with an ecommerce app like Zopim.

Zopim, a Zendesk product, is a new live chat client platform that allows customers to chat with a live operator right from your online store. While it does require you to be present on the back end, it doesn’t have to take you away from the rest of your work.

Zopim sends an audible alert any time someone is in need of assistance. If you find yourself spending a lot of time on the phone or answering emails, live chat may be right for you. It could be all the difference between your customer having a pleasant experience while shopping at your digital location or bouncing from your site to a competitor’s.


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I am a big fan of Zendesk. It combines email, FAQ, and community forums to create the trifecta of support. By formalizing your back and forth communications with customers, they will be able to see conversation history, store policies and potentially interact with your other customers to discuss how they’ve best used your products.


ShipStation is a shipping service that alleviates a ton of headaches related to fulfillment. By bringing in your Bigcommerce orders and multiple couriers, you can make changes to an order right up to the moment you print a shipping label. By offering your customers multiple shipping options up front, you can reduce inquiries when people need something quick. ShipStation will even send the tracking number back to Bigcommerce, reducing the effort it takes to put a smile on your customers face.

When it comes to customer experience and service, I always like to remember what Maya Angelou said: “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Make sure you communicate and impress your customers with more than they expect. This is often called “surprise and delight.” And it works –– because when customers feel as though their business matters most to you, they will come back time and time again to purchase. This is how you beat out your bigger box competitors; Be attentive. These ecommerce apps will help.

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  • “Hi Kenny!

    Great post! The details are quite informative but i was also expecting in the list. I have been using it for my business and it is incredible! I have seen a remarkable growth in terms of sales and customer delight! I think you should review it, I am sure it will not disappoint you.


  • Shipstation has been a game changer for me, nobody touches them on function or service. International shippers especially should take notice, since they make customs forms so simple and many ship services do not.

    LiveChat won me over vs Zopim, if you only want an app that does live chat and a clean layout, Android or IOS mobile app, and sensible features then give them a shot. I tried maybe 8 over a period of weeks and came back to LiveChat for their paid app. It just works, where unfortunately so many others fail.

    Yotpo is another worth mentioning, however these days they are way overpriced and I am still with them since I am grandfathered into a previous, nicely priced package. If they ever jack the price I will leave, but I have to give them props where props are due: they certainly do bring more reviews than the stock BC system (which is a fine built in system, otherwise).

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks for reading, Ragavi!

  • Enjoy your post thoroughly reading. Well done Kenn!!

  • Ragavi Roy

    Good listing. Got to know their features and benefits. Useful post thank for sharing.

    Ragavi from Ecbilla

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