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How to Track Visitors and Sales From Facebook and Twitter Using Google Analytics

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When it comes to tracking visitors (including where they came from – Facebook, Twitter, a Google search, for example) and transactions for your online store, Google Analytics is king. It’s free and it’s an almost-enterprise-grade analytics package that already integrates into your BigCommerce store.

Here’s a quick video if you’ve never used it before:

… and here’s how to interpret and act on the data in Google Analytics:

Tracking visits and sales that originated from Facebook or Twitter (once you’ve integrated Google Analytics with your BigCommerce store) is easy. Here’s how.

Start by logging into Google Analytics, then click the “Traffic Sources” menu on the left:

Next up, click the “Referring Sites” option under the visitors menu:

Now on the right side of the screen you’ll see a few things:

  1. A date range which you can click to change. Typically you want to look at your last 30 days of traffic to make any actionable judgements
  2. A chart which plots traffic over the selected date range
  3. A table which lists the websites that have referred traffic to you for the selected date range, like so:

Now in the example screenshot above, Facebook was the second most popular traffic referrer with 10,941 visits and Twitter was fifth with 1,190. If you don’t see Facebook or Twitter listed in your top 10 traffic sources then just search for “facebook” or “twitter” in the search box below the table, like this:

Finally, to track the most important metric of all – sales that resulted from Twitter and Facebook, you can just click the “Ecommerce” tab that appears above the list of referrers, like this:

Remember: you should have already integrated Google Analytics with your store, otherwise you won’t see the e-commerce tab.

You can then see visits, revenue, transactions, average value, ecommerce conversion rate and per visit value for each of your traffic sources, including Facebook and Twitter:

Pretty neat huh? No more guessing if all that effort you’re putting into social media is affecting your bottom line from now on :)

By the way: If you’re looking to get started selling online and want to track your traffic and sales from Twitter and Facebook then give our e-commerce software BigCommerce a try, free for 15 days.

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  • Kane

    This is outdated, there’s currently no way to track the SOURCE of ECommerce conversions with Big Commerce + Google Analytics, because the Big Commerce checkout pages are an another domain, so it ends the GA session.

    Or is this some super secret method I don’t know about?

  • Hi Luke. Did you enable e-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account?

  • Hi the code has been installed but no revenue data is being tracked in the control pannel

    Cheers From Luke

  • Hi Joel. Have you enabled e-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account? Also you can’t use the GA async code so you should grab the tracking code again from your Analytics account. It should be fine after that.

  • Hi Luke. Revenue is tracked automatically when you add the visitor tracking code – we do it in the background for you.

  • How do you add the revenue tracking code for big commerce within google analytics, i have the normal tracking info ie: site stats but not revenue stats can you help?

  • Ecommerce tracking does not work on my site. I correctly installed the Google Analytics code on BigCommerce’s side, but for some reason it isn’t showing transactions or revenue.

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