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If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you are probably painfully aware of showrooming. Customers come to see a product in person, decide to buy it, then hope online to look for a lower price. This can happen to e-commerce SMBs as well. Customers will get all the great details and beautiful pictures from your online store, then head to Amazon to get the same product or a knockoff for less. This infographic from Bigcommerce partner WisePricer digs into the data around  showrooming and provides some great tips on how to fight the trend. If you own a retail location, or you see Amazon poaching your sales, you’ll want to pay attention.

Key insights for your online store include:

  • The top reason consumers are showrooming? Many e-commerce merchants now offer free shipping. If you don’t, you should!
  • Brick-and-mortar SMBs aren’t necessarily losing consumers to the big boxes. Seventy percent of shoppers will refer to the store’s own site to get more product information.
  • Are you connected to your community? Buying local was mentioned as a reason for not shopping online by 19 percent of customers. Your online audience may be global, but don’t forget to reach out to your neighbors.
  • Make sure your returns and exchanges policies are rock solid. Better return policies attract 15 percent of brick-and-mortar buyers.
  • Loyalty programs are a great way to engage and retain shoppers. Thirty-nine percent of consumers said a loyalty program would influence their purchasing decision.


wisepricer showrooming infographic

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