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Two weeks ago I posted a video in which I demonstrated the new features coming in BigCommerce 5.6. Well, we’ve finished our development, testing, documenting and marketing collateral and BigCommerce 5.6 is now ready to go!

All new stores created as of right now will be running on version 5.6 straight away. For existing customers, if you’re running BigCommerce 5.5 (check the bottom of the screen in your BigCommerce control panel) then you will automatically be upgraded to BigCommerce 5.6 some time in the next 24 hours. If you’re running BigCommerce 5.0 you will see the option to schedule an upgrade shortly. Any template customizations you’ve made wont be affected by the 5.6 release because there are no changes to templates.

So, what’s in version 5.6 I hear you ask? Well, it’s a minor update based almost exclusively on features you requested and voted for in our community. We also snuck in a secret marketing feature which I’ll detail below.

Here’s the complete list of features available right now in BigCommerce 5.6:

  • Take your store down for maintenance – You as an admin still have full access to your store so you can make and preview design changes, add/remove products, etc all without your customers seeing. You can specify your own custom message which will be shown to store visitors.
  • Set the starting order number – Let’s face it, no one wants to receive an email saying “Your order ID is 1”. In BigCommerce 5.6 the default starting order number is 100 but you can change it to whatever you like from Settings -> Miscellaneous.
  • Block the shipping dimensions message – When you add/edit a product with no shipping dimensons you see an alert message telling you that you didn’t enter them. You can now tick “Don’t show this message again” and it will be gone forever. This is a per-user setting.
  • Tracking numbers and links in emails – This was the most popular feature request on our community page. If an order has a tracking number and you change its status to shipped or completed, your customer will get an email automatically with their tracking number and a link to track their order on the shipping provider’s website.
  • Import and export formats are now synched – We’ve created a new “Bulk Edit” template which you can use to export and then re-import products. No more missing out on editing certain fields or mapping fields manually – everything is included and automatic.
  • 301 redirects – If you’ve switched to BigCommerce (which over 25% of you have) and want to maintain your search engine rankings then you can easily create your own 301 redirects from your store’s control panel – no more emailing us a spreadsheet manually. You can also bulk import in a variety of formats too, including CSV and Google sitemap.
  • Update your own DNS settings – Right from the Tools menu you can add, edit and delete your own DNS records.

Sell on Facebook With BigCommerce SocialShop

As well as the features listed above, BigCommerce 5.6 includes the ability to sell your products on Facebook. Facebook has over 400 million active users and BigCommerce SocialShop is a Facebook application which lets you add a “Shop” tab to your Facebook fan page. Your fans can click a link to buy a product in your BigCommerce store and more importantly they can post your products to their wall.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

… and here’s a few screenshots:

BigCommerce SocialShop is a Facebook application that allows BigCommerce merchants to reach more customers and sell their products through Facebook – reaching Facebook’s enormous 400 million active users in the process.

By displaying a “Shop” tab on your Facebook fan page, BigCommerce SocialShop lets your fans, prospects and customers click on a product to purchase it from your BigCommerce store. They can also share your products directly through Facebook as part of their news stream.

BigCommerce SocialShop is the ultimate way to leverage social commerce to grow your ecommerce business, and it’s available exclusively for BigCommerce merchants at no charge.

BigCommerce SocialShop Benefits

  • Add a “Shop” tab to your Facebook fan page – harness the power of social commerce to reach new customers and encourage repeat purchasing from existing customers
  • Connect with customers and prospects in a social context instead of a transactional one to build trust and loyalty
  • Anyone can click on a product to see photos, learn more and buy directly through your BigCommerce store
  • Anyone can share their favorite products with friends via their news stream with just one click
  • The BigCommerce SocialShop application takes just seconds to add to your Facebook page and requires no technical knowledge

Learn more about BigCommerce SocialShop here.

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  • what template is use by facebook I want to be able to change the colors and layout

  • Good work!
    I would like to see more discount rules in your future update.

  • Great ideas Ty. Please feel free to submit them at

  • Hi Ty. It’s very very easy. Go to Tools -> DNS Records and setup a sub domain such as – point it to your hosted blog on and that’s all you have to do. Takes about 60 seconds!

  • Hi Alan. No immediate plans but feel free to share your ideas at

  • Alan Hecht

    When will you be adding “tell a friend” and up sell?

  • One other creative idea for an upgrade!

    How can Big Commerce be easily integrated with Word Press Blog Engines?

    For example, most advanced businesses have a blog now days. Most top businesses & companies use Word Press Blog engines. But how can you integrate your Word Press Blog code into the existing Big Commerce code seamlessly?

    It would be a nice addition to Big Commerce if you could easily customize your own picture and/or video blog using Word Press engines and themes.

    That would be great for all customers!

  • Big Commerce is great!

    1. With Social Shop on FaceBook, it would be nice to select which products you can feature in your FaceBook Shop Tab.

    For example, I would like to have these products automatically updated or synced to my FaceBook Shop Tab:

    – Best Sellers
    – Featured Products
    – New Arrivals
    – Top Rated

    That would be great if you could customize your individual product feeds that sync to your FaceBook Shop Tab! I have yet to dig deeper into this, but maybe there is a way to do, or hopefully there will be a way to do it soon!

    2. I am also going to offer between 5,000 – 7,000 products between my 2 large distributors. I wish there was a better way to sort the list of products in my admin.

    Maybe be able to sort my products into folders, bulk edit products in my admin, view more products per page (25, 50, 100, 200, 500, ALL). Instead of having to sort through massive amounts of pages to find certain products to edit or update.

    Hopefully there will be updates to address these ideas soon.


  • Hi Aqib. Our team will be happy to help. Just give us a call or shoot through a trouble ticket at

  • hi,

    no matter what i do, i do not seems to be able to setup facebook bigcommerce application to my store products. i have followed the whole procedure but nothing. i just do not see “shop” link in my facebook fanpage which is very annoying and not sure where the problem is. Mitchell Harper, please get one of your geniuses to help me here. thanks a lot in advance

  • Hi Dan. Great idea. Feel free to submit and vote for your idea at and if enough people vote for it we’ll build it!

  • Dan

    When you add buying by quantity options I will be signing up

    Meaning various discounts for the amount you but Tire 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

    Very important.

  • Good stuff if I did not have so much invested in the company across the road.I would switch my store. Unfortunately our site design is very custom and my graphics team is expensive, life in the big city.
    I’m a big fan of personal interaction and you guys do a great job of guiding new merchants in the right direction.

    P.S Great work :-)


  • Hi Abraham. Great to hear! At the moment it’s just new and popular products, but we may extend the application down the track. I believe you can install the application on multiple fan pages, sure.

  • Hi Mitch

    We successfully installed the Socialshop on our facebook page.

    Currently it only pulls the recently added and most popular items, is there anyway to control which items go, maybe featured items, or a search result.

    Also, if we have various Fan pages with other interests can we have different results posted on the shop page.

    Thank you


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  • Hi Mike. Please give our support team a call on the number at the top of the page and they will be happy to help.

  • i cant get the app on facebook to work

  • Hi Marco. Mailchimp integration is coming along nicely so that will give you all of the autoresponder options you need. You’ll be able to sync your newsletter subscribers and segmented customer lists right into your Mailchimp account. Feel free to go to and submit your other ideas. If enough people vote on them you can be sure we’ll build ’em.


  • Marco

    I love Big Commerce it is the best shopping cart I have seen and I am really happy using it. I love the new features, however still missing a couple of very important features especially to sell digital downloads and services:

    1. Include the Customer’s email address in the Order Confirmation e-mail we receive and also the customer receive. Right now you see only the customer’s billing address. Also can be good to be able to see in the confirmation email the form of payment or type of card used by the customer.

    2. Be able to set up email autoresponders for each different products being ordered. This is very helpful when we need to add special instructions per each different product, specially when selling services, like pre-paid consultations, or other services, and we need to give specific instructions to the customer, so the customer will receive the regular order confirmation email, but also a second email with special instructions about the product or service he ordered. Such email should have a customizable subject and content per each store product, and also have the ability to copy a third party on such email to help fulfilling the order.

    3. Be able to sell digital download subscriptions or other type of subscription.

    4. Currently the Product Name is the same as the name of the html address for such product, for example a product called Produc1 will have the url address products/Product1.html but it will be great if we could set up a different product name and product address so for example a product called Product1, could have the address producto-one.html or any other name we like.

    Still without these features Big Commerce is the best Cart we have seen, but hope to be able to have more features like this in the future.


  • Hi Tom. No it doesn’t. At this point we don’t have any plans for multi-vendor support in BigCommerce but feel free to submit the idea at

  • Hi Ben. Not at the moment. The powered by link allows us to offer SocialShop to all BigCommerce merchants for free instead of limiting it to say, the gold plan or above.

  • Ben

    The facebook shop is a great idea, but Is there a way to remove the Powered by BigCommerce on FaceBook? or at least give us the ability to include a referral link to get credit for it?

  • tom shannon

    Does the new version support multi-vendor functionality?

    We need to be able to allow vendors to log on and add/edit their products without seeing other the vendor’s products.

  • Hi Fox. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll be adding this ability in an update sometime soon.

  • Fox

    Nice feature additions and the Facebook app was easy to set up, but I would have liked to have been able show my featured products as opposed to my new or popular products. The popular products are the ones that have been rated and may not necessarily be the bestsellers/most popular IRL. Please add when you can… thanks again for the hard work!

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  • Hi Jason. Where are you getting stuck? Feel free to call our support team on the number at the top of our site for help.

  • Hi Caab. Thanks for the kind words! We had our London office scan the article and it’s on our news page now:

  • Hi Kim. It seems fine on our end. Maybe you tried to set it up before your store was upgraded to the new 5.6 release? If you’re still having problems please send through a ticket or give us a call on the number at the top of the page and we’ll be happy to help.

  • I just tried out downloading the bulk edit template. This is going to be great help and time saver for me. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Kimberly

    Doesn’t appear this application is working on Facebook and no one seems to be addressing the issue on your application’s Wall Page. Might be worth at least posting that you’re working on the issues.

  • The Facebook application is a marvel, lets see what extra traffic it might produce.

    Finally, no need to click on the dimension pop up every time we list a new item.

    Keep up the most excellent work guys.

    BTW – over here in the UK you were featured in this months PC Pro Magazine

  • Fantastic Guys! Exactly what we needed. Keep the updates coming. This makes me feel confident about my decision to switch to BigCommerce!

  • Andre Schnabl

    look at the bottom right hand side of the control panel page. it should tyell you the version you are currently using.

  • the shop option isnt available to me, im following the video step my step and its not working???????

  • Missy

    Thank you! Thank you!

  • Great work,

    Although in my admin control panel, i don’t see any version number, only – ‘Powered by BigCommerce © 2004-2010 Interspire Pty. Ltd.’

  • Would of loved to seen more discount rules in this new version.

    Great work on the other new features ;)

  • Awesome, Now to wait for my update.
    Good Work BC!

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