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It’s been over 3 years since we launched Bigcommerce and WOW what a journey it’s been! From a 30 person team to over 150 people, from a few hundred users to over 25,000 clients generating hundred of millions in revenue each year. We’ve still got a long way to go in our vision of providing the best ecommerce platform that empowers you to sell more, but we’re making steady progress.

Today I’d like to announce our new brand and website. We’ve redesigned our entire look and feel from scratch, including our logo, color scheme, website and our app (which you can see here), focusing on ease-of-use and an exceptional user experience. It’s an exciting time for us at Bigcommerce and we hope you enjoy the new look coming your way.

After looking at the screenshots below, you’ll notice that we’ve also changed our tagline to “Sell More”. We believe that Bigcommerce truly does help you sell more (using a combination of our hardcore SEO, 25 built-in marketing tools and client services teams) and over the next few months we’ll be announcing product and company initiatives that hone in on our core mission of helping you sell more.

Here’s a sneak peak of our new design (a work in progress, mind you) that’s being launched in the next few weeks. Click on a screenshot to see a (much) larger version. Your feedback is more than welcome! Stay tuned for some exciting product announcements coming shortly.

New Brand, Logo & Colors

New Home Page

Features Page – Manage your store

Features Page – Configure your products

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  • CircleB

    It’s November now, when will we see this? We really need the new backend

  • When are the new themes going to be available! We were about to hire a developer to create a new homepage, but with the new slider and themes available we are holding out!

    Come On BIG COMMERCE!!

  • mamamama

    will the new features finally include a backorder function??

  • Disappointing that you have been asked when these updates (Which sound great) will be available and no one from Big Commerce has replied. So when can we expect them to be available?

  • I’d love to see a preview of the ALL the new templates. We’re in the midst of a re-design and would like to know WHEN they would be available.

  • Tierra

    I’m with Volusion and I’m thinking of changing to another shopping cart. Wow, the new BigCommerce has me sold!!! Everything seems user friendly and eye popping ready! You guys had the return system over competition but lacked store design themes. Now, it’s a completely different story. You guys look more corporate now instead of looking like a program that started in the basement. I place my bid that you will be 2012 number 1 shopping cart solution! I’m sold!!! Bye Volusion!!!

  • Congrat on the new design! Somehow the new logo looks weak, the original logo even though looks a little bit dated but it conveys the business well. It is more distinctive than the new design. Sorry to say that but the new design looks like stock images taken from some stock library. Personally, I feel the logo should be unique rather than blindly following the latest design trend.

    May be you should just improve or evolve on your current logo design than a complete overhaul?

  • Dustin

    Keep getting emails about the the new change… and when I go look there is no change. It’s kind of a confusing campaign you guys are running with this.

  • Joyce Reid

    I’ve just received another email announcing this. BUT WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE READY for us to actually use all these new things???????

    Announcements and build up of excitement are good for any new venture but now you need to actually get it out there.

  • Tony

    You guys got a $15 million dollar investment about 2 years ago. This improvement should have happened 6 months after you got that money. After you gave yourselves raises, did you go way, way back and review ALL feature requests and fixes BEFORE you moved forward with this? We shall see what level of listening and care you have when this new upgrade opens up. Let’s all look at the BG Forum and see if the problems and complaints have all been solved with that $15+ million investment, shall we?

  • Hi guys,

    I really love your software, it’s user friendly and professional at the same time. I’m just waiting for a easy way to translate all the titles and tags to my own language. I understand you are not going to provide files for translation, but at least and easy way to do it myself from the back-end.

    Please consider my petition, for sure you will increase your sales and popularity.



  • the changes looks promising…wondering if the shopping cart is available in other languages? I mean instruction such as “checkout”, “add to cart”, etc. or is it something that could be customized easily by the user?
    just wondering!

  • Karen

    I am really hoping you guys will finally provide multiple warehouse support so our customers can get a true estimate when it comes to shipping.

  • Yay Control Panel! Image of the item right at the top! Brilliant! With items being added or updated regularly, being able to view the one I’m working on with out clicking through tabs puts an end to some huge frustration. Thank you! (A quiet prayer: Reports for wholesale,retail customer types. Amen)

  • Look forward to the the new product if it will include an Amazon integration like eBayin the backend for handling Amazon launches and Amazon orders.

    Dates? Let us now when it becomes available….Thanks RK

  • Its amazing that simply changing colors and graphics can be such an important influence when purchasing!

  • Looking forward to seeing this happen. Do we have any dates? when can we see the new dashboard in the back end. Lets launch this thing! :)

  • lookin’ good!

  • Yes! Most of our competition uses 3D Cart. We know we made the best choice with BigCommerce! You’re always working on being the best!

  • It’s look very nice.
    When my website will be upgrade?

  • Ayo

    Was on the fence about choosing BigCommerce, Now I’m SOLD! Excited to launch my business website with you guys! Awesome!

  • Yoav

    It’s about time. I have to say that the stale brand and interface made me weary of BigCommerce as a solution; there is nothing worst than having customers that are current and “get it”, and an e-commerce provider that doesn’t “get it” – so I hope this launches fast and that you never again let your brand and UI go stale. I really hope that you get some decent templates added to this system too. What you offer right now is embarrassing and dated.

    I wish that you would have announced it when it actually happens. Very disappointed to see that the announcement leads to nothing but mockups and future plans -not an actual launch. 17 years of online stores and branding taught me that there is a big difference between plans and mockups vs. actual launch.

    Anyway, big move and congrats – let’s see this launches!

  • Great, but can we have a built-in blog, please?

  • Dom

    Looks great!, can’t wait to see it live. Well done all :)

  • Ben

    It’s high time!

  • This looks like it will help you “sell more” subscribers. Can’t wait to see what is in the works to help us sell more widgets :-)

  • Looks great! Like other mentioned you guys are coming into your own finally with this redesign it looks like. I love your service but always disliked the interface options your present. FIXED!

  • klara

    I was just about to give up on Big Commerce! Thanks goodness you’re making such big improvements- we’ve been screaming out for them but at least you listened to your customers.

    The carousel builder is so, so needed and will save me loads (had to get mine done by a designer).
    Hope the new site has an in-built blog as well and that we have more template options.

    People choose Big Comm because they want to save money and not hire a designer, we shouldn’t (under the old site’s rules) have to fork out more money on expensive designers. I was so irate by this.

    i hope big comm improves now

  • Kevin

    Wow! When is this happening?

  • Alicia

    Finally! I’ve honestly been waiting for a redesign and have been emailing support to find out when this was going to be rolled out of the box. Your competition has better aesthetics, but once this website launches, you guys are now on-par!

    I would even warrant to say – better!

    Great job, guys.

  • Yes! Most of our competition uses 3D Cart. We know we made the best choice with BigCommerce! You’re always working on being the best!

  • Looks good. One problem is you hone page doesn’t link to my site lol…

  • Ian

    Your new identity is quite nice. I have a few thoughts though.

    I think the logo should be more iconic and timeless. It looks a bit app like which doesn’t seem like it will stand the test of time.

    Ux and ui wise – A new design means nothing to the end user (your customers) if it did not improve the user experience and improved some of the functionality of your system at least. Ie. your wish list functionality amongst other things. You really should pay attention to that because users can’t convert wish list items to orders.

    Your tone of copy has improved but when you refer to yourself as awesome and your hardcore SEO system it gets a bit annoying and sounds over hyped.

    Though I must admit. I am a web designer and thus your tone does not quite resonate with me as i am quite thick skinned when it comes to marketing speak. Also i know how cumbersome your templating system is which makes me want to roll my eyes at times when over hype things.

    On a positive note: I do like many of your features and truly hope you’ll keep improving the cms and the templating system.

    Oh and why is WebDAV so painfully slow. Please check that out.

    Onwards and upwards

  • Dave

    oops the reviews build trust items are out of order… but you get the point. I like the new look.

  • Dave

    1. There is a lot here… but I will just make one comment. You are the only SaaS offering a “success guru”. That needs to be refocused and reordered. That is a gigantic selling proposition. Ask any SMB retailer what they want to do, they say “increase sales” – ask them how and they shrug their shoulders. That is what you’re solving with your success guru. I realize you might offer different levels, but the fact that there is a free initial level needs to be a major focus on the page.

    Imagine if your free trial said … Start your free trial today. Our Success Guru is standing by to help you! — You take it from an automated trial to a relationship. Priceless and sets you apart.

    1. Pages have deep scroll to them (not bad). What I would do is use a layer at the top of the site that appears once the scroll starts. This layer would focus on the call to action of taking the trial. Don’t get people caught up into the features without them realizing what the next step is… to take a trial.

    2. The first image needs to speak credibility. Use a well known site there. Then the whole Add to Cart focus will carry a greater appeal, because the site recognition gives you credibility that “you know how to get visitors to add items to the cart”. Do not use one of your templates.

    3. Work on the copy. Speak in confidence and factual (because these are facts). Rather than:

    “We understand that user reviews build trust, and this trust leads to better conversion (+39%). That’s why product review functionality comes built directly into Bigcommerce. No hidden extra cost or add ons required.”

    Try something like the below…:

    “Reviews build trust, trust builds credibility and credibility leads to higher conversions. Bigcommerce’s built in review functionality comes at no extra cost and can help increase sales by 39%. It only gets better..”

    4. People who own carts know it’s not busy customers who abandon checkouts. Change it up, speak the facts to the point. Facts are what a store owner wants to know. I get the whole “trying to make it interesting” perspective in the copy, but don’t do it on vital tools. Would you want a doctor to make his brain surgery drill sound interesting or would you rather him make it sound truly effective? You are not doing brain surgery, but you are providing a vital tool that can make or break a business.

    5. Social share, quick copy rewrite example… Click, (wow!), click. That is all it takes for an end user to share and now your product is in front of thousands of new clients at no additional cost! Fast, easy and extremely addictive social tools will generate massive traffic and kick your marketing efforts into automatic overdrive.

    This is what I do for a living… so just some quick 2 cents. I don’t accept refunds… Good work and have fun!

  • I love the design.

    Colors are soft and not in your face.
    As you scroll down the page I think each message pops out and makes you read it.
    God I wish I had that graphic foresight.
    Luckily I have a graphics person for hat. :)

  • John Ashworth

    It’s pretty, but this looks too much like your competitors site. The grid, features and sign-up are almost identical to another eCommerce player’s site. Separate yourself from the pack more!

  • S kng

    Love the updated graphics….really brings it to a new level.

  • Looks awesome guys!

  • I get the branding part and the facelift and there is no doubt you have helped thousands “sell more”, but what about all the issues from all the past versions that still need addressing? I suppose your own site/marketing and the dev are 2 diff business units.

  • Excellent job! I really love how you’ve taken the best components from Shopify, Rdio and Squarespace, and rearranged them all into something you can call your own. How imaginative.

  • Love this! Love the long scroll homepage, casual straight forward copy and everything else about it. Very well done.

  • This looks really good…

    Good work.

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