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Hi everyone,

We’ve begun preparing for a new feature (to be released this week), which allows you to login to your store’s control panel either using your username (like you do now), or using your email address.

This handy little feature should help make it easier to remember your login details, so that you can spend more time managing your store, and less time finding your details. This screenshot shows an example of the two options now available for login (username and email address).

How do I know what email address is associated with my Control Panel username?

To view and manage the email addresses associated to your Control Panel users:

  • Login to your store
  • Click on the ‘Users’ menu item
  • Observe the list of users

What happens if the configured email addresses aren’t unique?

Good question – A small number of stores have multiple user accounts setup in their control panel with the same email address.

To work around this, any duplicate email addresses assigned to user accounts for your store will be altered slightly during the upgrade process.

For example, if you have two admin user accounts with the following details:

– Username: steve, Email:
– Username: suzie, Email:

… then in this example, Suzie’s email address will be automatically changed as follows:

– Username: steve, Email:
– Username: suzie, Email:

The “+1” will not stop Suzie from receiving emails and will make sure your user accounts have unique email addresses assigned to them.

You can of course login to your store at any time and change the email address assigned to your Control Panel user accounts.

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