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At the beginning of this year, I took over conducting the webinars for BigCommerce, and split our “Getting Started” into a basic and advanced version. Thanks to our awesome participants and some honest feedback, they’re going to evolve yet again.

Starting the week of July 9th, I’m going to be rolling out a new Getting Started webinar that is just the basics you need to start your store:

  • Logging into your store
  • Adding a few products
  • Setting up your shipping & tax settings
  • Making sure you have a payment gateway

These four, easy steps are the minimum that you need to have a working store on BigCommerce.

From there, all our topics will help you sell more: design, promotions, marketing, etc. So, in addition to having the Getting Started webinar weekly, I’ll also have a more advanced webinar aimed at helping you take advantage of all the amazing features that your BigCommerce store has to offer. The content will differ each week, and range from essential parts of your store (like creating product options & sets), to more “fun” topics like using analytics to understand your customers better (and in return, raise your conversion rate). Our new and improved webinar series is designed with your growth in mind. As your business grows, your needs become more complex and our advanced webinars will introduce you to tools and resources that are already built into the platform.

This week, I will offer our last two sessions of the “Getting Started with BigCommerce” Basic & Advanced webinars, though you still will be able to find them on our knowledge base here. Then, starting on the week of July 9th, the new webinars will be available.

July 10th @ 10a CT: BigCommerce 101: Just the Basics – Register

Learn about the basics of beginning your store on BigCommerce. I will cover the first four steps for you to start selling your products in your BigCommerce store.

July 11th @ 2p CT: jQuery Sliders (nivo, jQuery Panel 2.0, and AD Gallery) – Register

In this webinar, we’ll cover how to install three of the most popular versions of the jQuery sliders available right now in your store. I’ll also cover how to change the pictures from the standard ones in the code that we give you in our support articles to your own pictures. This webinar is designed for more advanced users familiar with HTML, CSS, and some photo-editing software. You certainly don’t have to be a Photoshop expert, but it will make your life easier if you’ve had some experience with some sort of software that will help you edit and resize your pictures.

I hope to see you at these webinars the week of July 9th. Of course, I am always looking for suggestions on what you would like to see in these webinars. Feel free to send them my way via comment, form submission, or tweet.

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