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As you may have guessed by now, Bigcommerce is big (no pun intended) on making sure our clients have everything they need to succeed. Example: we hold daily Success Workshops that teach you how to get your e-commerce store open and ready to take orders.

The workshop is perfect for new clients because it serves as your official welcome to the Bigcommerce family, where you’ll learn all about the basics you need to sell more online — including store settings, categories, products, shipping, tax, payment gateways and more. But it’s also a good refresher for more experienced clients who are looking to make changes to their settings or find out more about certain areas.

Reserve your spot at a Success Workshop session today!

Why would you want to attend? Here are the top nine reasons:

1. We walk you through all the steps to get your store ready to take an order

2. Sessions are fully interactive — we encourage you to ask questions using your microphone or via chat. And we actually answer!

3. We tailor the content of each session based on audience participation and needs

4. The host is a Certified Teacher and Certified SEO Practitioner (and she’s cute to boot!)

5. We share tips, tricks and shortcuts to save time during setup and further down the road

6. We encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with other store owners

7. A friendly human from the Bigcommerce support team is “on the line” during the workshop to field technical questions

8. In addition to store setup, you’ll also learn more about our forum, Partners, knowledgebase, video tutorials, Bigcommerce Ideas, tech support, etc.

9. We provide additional resources from our knowledgebase that cover everything we discuss in more depth

TLDR: In only 60 minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to start selling. We offer a variety of times Monday through Friday to meet your needs, so please sign up today.

Heard about the Success Workshop but haven’t attended yet? We’d love for you to take our survey and tell us why.

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