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No matter the current size of your business, one critical element to company growth is the ability to attract net new customers. To do this, scaling businesses often allocate budgets to advertising campaigns — more specifically, to advertising campaigns run on social media platforms. In fact, according to a recent Bigcommerce survey, 61% of business owners say social advertising is a key driver of growth.

The reason for this is simple: Facebook and Twitter alone have more than 1.2 billion active users. And, though advertising click-thru rates (CTR) on social platforms average out to about 1%, if a business can pull in even a fraction of those users and turn them into active shoppers — well, then your business will likely experience hockey stick growth.

There’s only one problem with social media advertising: targeting the right audience can be difficult. On Facebook’s Custom Audiences advertising platform alone, there are 145 different targeting groups and success metrics a brand can toggle in order to optimize for the correct ad spend that generates the highest on-site conversion rates. Manual A/B testing has heretofore been the only way to optimize your social media ad spend ROI. It’s no wonder, then, that 43% of SMBs report they want more help with generating ROI from their social advertisements.

Today, Bigcommerce is announcing Product Ads, built in partnership with Boostable, which will automatically optimize your ads for the highest ROI — saving you precious time, which is better spent ensuring that those net new customers become loyal repeat purchasers.

Online Advertising, Simplified

Automated product ads help streamline your advertising process and drive more traffic at lower costs. It takes just a few clicks to create and launch ads right from your Bigcommerce control panel.

  1. Select your advertising networks and choose the products you’d like to promote
  2. We’ll automatically create ads using your product names, descriptions and photos
  3. Edit anything you’d like, then submit
  4. Once approved by the network, your ads will start running immediately

What’s taking place on the backend to eliminate the necessity for your company to A/B test different target audiences and ad creative? Quite a bit:

  • Improve your ROI with automatic optimization: Our product ads use the latest performance data to continually improve targeting, reducing your spend and delivering better results — automatically.
  • Make the most of your new traffic: Generate traffic and demand for top-performing products, maximize promotions and increase awareness of underperforming inventory through sophisticated targeting techniques designed to find new customers, not just those that have previously visited your store.
  • Measure your success: You’ll never have to guess at how your advertising is performing. Detailed reporting shows you the exact amount of sales, orders, reach and clicks each of your ads delivers.

Product Ads by Bigcommerce are now available to all U.S.-based clients in the Bigcommerce Marketplace for no additional fee. Advertising purchased through the platform is subject to a 20% service fee.

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  • Hey guys,

    We’re looking to roll this out to our international customers ASAP. I’ll keep you posted on timing. Thanks!

  • Any word on when this might be available to businesses outside the USA?

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