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On my recent webinar, Selling with Pinterest, I got a great attendee question about what Pinterest rich pins are and if it’s worth taking the extra steps to set them up for an online store.

What is a rich pin?

The cliffsnotes version: a rich pin is when someone pins content to a Pinterest board and the source of that content (image, description, links, etc.) are dynamically tied back to your store. Usually, the relationship between Pinterest and your store is static, meaning the only connection is a link. Rich pins take things a step further, associating the pin directly to the product page in your store. If you update that page — say you put something on sale — that new information will be updated in the various locations where the product has been pinned.

Are rich pins worth it?

Definitely. Using rich pins automatically updates a product’s information in all the locations it has been pinned, which is great. And the detailed analytics that show the traffic back to your site and reach of your products on Pinterest is like a free cup of coffee. The information often provides you a nice surprise about what products are getting more exposure and sales.

But wait: Pinterest adds a shot of espresso to that free cup of rich pin

How? They enable automatic notification of product price changes for rich pins. Think about this: A lamp you have on your store has been pinned and repinned by a number of individuals. These people may have never shopped at your store before, so you don’t know who they are or how to reach them — just that they pinned your product. If you set up the product to be a rich pin, when the price drops, Pinterest will notify everyone who has pinned and repinned it. When they click on the notice, they return to the original pin with the updated price (plus any other information you linked) and then directly to your store for purchase.

Boards (collections of pins) are wish lists of products people aspire to acquire but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on. The notice of a price reduction might just be they push they need to buy. But price isn’t the only reason someone might not purchase. It could be I like a product but you don’t have the color or size I want. A rich pin notification can communicate that change and rekindle my interest in your product.

Take the time to link your store and products to Pinterest, leverage the power of repins, and watch your revenue grow. Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Have you been using Pinterest to drive sales for your store? I would love to hear your stories of what has worked for you.

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