The holidays will be here before we know it—and that means many large retailers are studying their bottom line and budgeting for 2015. While an Internet Retailer survey reveals that 87% of e-retailers plan to spend more on ecommerce technology during the next year, 36% of them are also worried that they may lack the proper funds, especially when it comes to maintaining a self-hosted site. As a result, many merchants are turning to cloud-based ecommerce platforms as an affordable alternative to a self-hosted solutions.

Top 3 reasons to migrate to a cloud-based shopping cart

  • Gartner Research says that the annual costs of maintaing a self-hosted infrastructure could cost as much as four times the initial purchase price
  • Companies switching to SaaS can reinvest back into their business. In fact, 62% of CIOs who have recently switched say they are reinvesting the costs back into their business
  • SaaS Solutions are scalable, secure, and don’t require a high-level of expertise to use

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. For more benefits to migrating to a cloud-based platform, check out this infographic.


cloud infographic

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