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If you’re just starting out selling online then of course your most valuable asset is your customer list. But if you’re currently at zero customers then how can you grow your list to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of customers? The key is to start with a solid marketing plan.

Depending on your budget there are different marketing strategies you can use to drive people to your online store. If you’re on a limited budget then Google AdWords and a solid email marketing strategy to repeat buyers is a good start. If you’ve got a larger marketing budget you can reach a mass-market audience through radio, TV, direct mail and wide-reaching online advertising campaigns.

In this video I explain what a marketing plan is, how to personify your typical customer, how to find where they spend time both online and off, and how to use both traditional and creative marketing strategies to attract them to your online store. This video is the part of our new YouTube guru channel, BigCommerceDotCom. Check it out and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss future videos.

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