Sr. Business Operations Manager

Austin Four Points Office

BigCommerce, named a "Best Place to Work" in Austin 2017, is looking for a Sr. Business Operations Manager for our Austin Four Point Office. As the Sr. Business Operations Manager you will be responsible for designing and implementing processes that enable efficiency and effectiveness across multiple business teams including Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Finance.  As a deputy of the COO, in close collaboration with departmental operations leaders, you will be tasked with critically examining existing business processes and interface points between teams. To build on existing successful processes, you must develop control processes that detect and/or prevent potential failures, inefficiencies and waste. Where mature processes do not exist, have not been implemented, or have proven unsuccessful, your responsibility is to design, test, implement and drive adoption of stable processes that will scale with our growth. A successful candidate will combine years of operational experience and business acumen with a determination to drive meaningful organizational change.

What You’ll Do:

  • Understand, map, and analyze all existing revenue-driving business processes and any associated risks; implement new processes or improve existing approaches to optimize for business results
  • Prioritize ruthlessly by assessing customer, client and business impacts of all processes
  • Design and roll-out control mechanisms to detect and/or prevent failures and mitigate risk
  • Build transparency and visibility across Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Finance on key lead processes and performance
  • Drive continuous improvement in operational efficiency and process compliance
  • Develop and drive implementation of new processes that support revenue growth
  • Supervise lead handoff processes between Sales, Marketing and Business Development to ensure consistency, quality and accountability across departments
  • Oversee conversion process from marketing leads to revenue generation to maximize efficiency and predictability of sales cycle, assisting where necessary to successfully resolve bottlenecks

Who You Are:

  • Operations Professional 
    • 7+ years professional experience, including:
      • 5+ years operations experience, preferably at a SaaS, eCommerce or other subscription based company
      • 3+ years business operations experience
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, MBA preferred
    • Demonstrated success with end-to-end process design, rollout, and project management
    • Technically-savvy, experience with spreadsheet software and interpreting business intelligence reports
    • Familiarity with, Marketo, Confluence, and other business applications a plus
    • Proven record using operations expertise to drive productivity, growth and profitability in a dynamic organization
  • Lean Operations Expert - Your resume is packed with years of experience in lean process improvement, optimization and problem-solving
  • Systems-thinker - You approach problem-solving with an eye for mechanisms, incentives and and systematic solutions rather than good intentions
  • Detail-oriented- You are capable of dissecting the nuances of any project, when necessary, and recognize how critical it is to ensure that the small details are in line with the overall objectives
  • Optimizer- Your nature is always to do more with less, reduce waste while increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Change Agent - You do not stop at identifying a problem, or at recommending actions, rather you measure success only when a you affect positive change or drive a resolution.
  • Data-driven - You don’t believe you are successful until you can measure and quantify the impact.
  • Business-savvy- Your business acumen is derived from years of experience, ideally with exposure to Sales and Marketing in a B2B context





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