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Business goal

Sell, scale, succeed

TwirlyGirl was started in 2007 by Cynthia Jamin, who wanted to make fun and stylish dresses for her daughters. Her kids couldn't tolerate itchy clothes, so she created dresses with super soft fabrics and hidden seams.

The dresses were a hit, and soon classmates’ mothers approached Cynthia about sewing dresses for their kids. She quickly moved from making each dress by hand to setting up manufacturing. She and her husband, Michael, began selling the dresses online, but had trouble finding a platform that would support their growth.

“BigCommerce is the third platform we’ve used in eight years!” said Cynthia. “Moving isn’t cheap, but we didn’t have a choice. If we didn’t move, our business would have died.”

The Jamins wanted to make sure that this time around would be their final ecommerce platform switch. They needed migration help so they could stay focused on increasing sales, plus enterprise-grade integrations with software like QuickBooks, MailChimp and ShippingEasy. “Our old platforms didn’t integrate easily with other applications, which was crucial to growing our business,” said Michael. The Jamins also required high-quality, 24/7 support and in-house professional consultation services.

“We researched several other ecommerce platforms, but only BigCommerce was able to provide all we needed and more,” said Cynthia. “We also wanted two sites in one, with the ability to sell to retail and wholesale customers through the same shopping cart. The fact that BigCommerce offered this as well as other integrations made them the obvious choice.”

BigCommerce benefit

Powerful integrations, expert consultants

BigCommerce provided the TwirlyGirl team with easy integrations for the enterprise-grade applications they needed to manage and grow their business. Moving also gave the company the added benefit of a beautiful new site design.

The BigCommerce Migrations team took the hassle out of switching platforms, seamlessly moving the TwirlyGirl online store to its new home. Now the Jamins can count on outstanding support whenever they need assistance, while regular consultations with BigCommerce’s experts have helped them significantly improve their business.

“BigCommerce has excellent phone support around the clock,” said Cynthia. “We’ve also taken advantage of individual consulting sessions from BigCommerce’s team. They helped us with every aspect of our online business: SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, etc.”

“BigCommerce is the third platform we’ve used in eight years! Moving isn’t cheap, but we didn’t have a choice. If we didn’t move, our business would have died.”


“It’s crucial to be hosted on a web platform that is flexible, up to date, and relevant enough to attract the best app developers. BigCommerce is all of these things.”


“Year over year, our sales are up 64%. This growth would not have been possible on our old platform.”


Big Results

Better focus, higher sales

Now that they’ve finally found their long-term ecommerce solution, the TwirlyGirl team has been able to focus on their marketing and customer acquisition campaigns instead of on their technology.

Combined with tailored business advice, that focus has allowed the company to increase average monthly transactions by 43% and average monthly revenue by 51%. In total, year-over-year sales have increased 64% since moving to BigCommerce.

“It’s crucial to be hosted on a web platform that is flexible, up to date, and relevant enough to attract the best app developers,” explained Cynthia. “BigCommerce is all of these things. Choose the wrong ecommerce platform, and you’re going to make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself.”

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