Shipping, Delivered: Best Practices & Expectations for 2019

How Shipping Impacts Your Customer’s Experience

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Did you know in the past 12 months, 77% of global consumers have abandoned their purchase because they did not like the available shipping options; and 39% have stopped shopping with a retailer simply due to a poor shipping experience? Yet, merchants still struggle to adjust their shipping practices to accommodate consumers’ changing preferences – and lose business as a result.

To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, Amazon-driven ecommerce environment, merchants have to stay agile and maintain a flexible approach to shipping and logistics. By streamlining operations, you gain the ability to provide a shipping experience that actually aligns with your customer’s expectations.

Download this industry report to learn:

  • What the current state of global shipping looks like
  • How Amazon has changed the way consumers view shipping as part of the brand experience
  • Improvements you can make to your current shipping operation to better align with changing industry expectations
  • Plus, get a look at how sustainability in the shipping supply chain impacts your brand and your customers’ brand perception.