Microservices Killed the Monolith

Why Businesses Are Evolving Their Tech Stacks

Monolith ecommerce architectures used to be the only viable option for enterprise and midmarket companies, but having all of these tools under one roof didn’t allow for quick changes, updates or the addition of new tools.
A microservices architecture offers a decentralized, decoupled approach for your business. Instead of a tightly coupled solution, microservices offer businesses a chance to connect the best individual services to suit their business. The result is an agile platform that can encapsulate all business requirements while innovating with changing market demands.
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  • How the shift from monolith to microservices allows you to grow your business faster
  • The advantages and disadvantages of monolith and microservices architectures
  • How headless commerce creates flexible digital experiences
  • Which ecommerce platform best fits in a microservices architecture

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We found there were constant updates needed with Magento. Any plugins you had or any kind of apps that you had running, might not work after the update. Then, you’d have to pay untold amounts of money to get those plugins updated, typically after a customer tried to use them and they didn’t work - leading to a loss of sales.Andrea Burg, Ecommerce Manager, Savannah Bee

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