How to master digital retailing

Learn how to take your brick and mortar business online with expert guidance from BigCommerce, Marsello and Vend.

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Meet the Speakers

Beatriz Estay

Content Marketing Specialist, BigCommerce

Beatriz is a Small Business Content Marketing Specialist at BigCommerce and the fashion and lifestyle influencer behind The Letter Bea, an Austin, Texas based blog.

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Vaughan Fergusson

Founder, Vend

Vaughan is the founder of Vend, a cloud-based POS that saves retailers countless hours in admin and empowers them to deliver amazing experiences in their stores.

Brent Spicer

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Marsello

‘Spice’ joined forces with his co-founders to start Marsello, combining a passion for tech that makes business and retail easier, and a belief that all marketing should be measurable.

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You’re always open, online

If brick and mortar retail is your primary sales channel, and you’ve considered going online, this webinar is for you. We’ve partnered with Vend and Marsello to take you through everything you need to consider including:

  • New (and ever changing) consumer expectations this year
  • How to pivot from brick and mortar to digital (plus creative examples from our customers who have done this successfully
  • How to position your brand in times of consumer uncertainty