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Magento 1.0 End of Life Countdown:

Your Survival Guide to a Last-Minute Replatform









Why Magento 1 end of life matters

Magento 1 end of life is imminent. If you plan to continue transacting, the time to replatform is now. Lack of security patches put your store at risk of attacks, and even routine store updates will take longer. You may notice inconsistent performance as well, due to lack of support for mission-critical extensions. Plus, payments may become more complicated and costly, as your payment provider will no longer consider your store PCI DSS compliant.

June 2020 is almost here — act now to migrate

Replatforming to Magento 2 can be a daunting task — especially on a deadline. You’ll need certified Magento developers to build your site, with costs adding up along the way. But there’s still time to move crucial data and integrations successfully! When making your migration plan, assess your current systems, choose a platform that meets your needs (and timeline), and then prioritize data migration and test your site build.

How BigCommerce Can Help

Migration Success Stories

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“The official turning point was when we had a serious issue with our Magento store and it suddenly was no longer operational. In a 24-hour period, we created a simple BigCommerce store and got our most important inventory plugins working.”Jason Moore, Partner: Creative Development,

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Casestudy Carousel Thompson Tee@1X

"Magento was one huge headache after anotherfrom security updates to parts of our site not functioning. With BigCommerce, none of that is a concern now, which is great. We don’t have to spend time worrying about that, and we can spend time on running our business."RANDY CHOI AND BILLY THOMPSON, CO-FOUNDERS, THOMPSONTEE.COM

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Casestudy Carousel Exxel@1X

"I’ve worked with Magento before — but we needed a fast solution where we wouldn’t have to worry about the technical aspects of the migration. There was also a cost involved; moving to Magento would have been significantly more expensive. BigCommerce was the best fit for us."CORY BARNES, DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER AT EXXEL OUTDOORS

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