BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus

BigCommerce’s flexible, open SaaS platform opens up your business to a new world of opportunities. Future-proof your business for the long term with the platform that helps you scale and innovate without limits.

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BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus

BigCommerce is focused on one thing: providing the most flexible, integrated ecommerce solution for your business, guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

  • More out-of-the-box features
  • Flat-rate pricing and no transaction fees 
  • Fully customizable URLs
  • Google AMP
  • Bulk 301 direct import
  • Pre-built integrations with frontend CMS, DXP, PWAs, and more
  • $4,600 to $30k+ a year in savings compared to using apps on Shopify

  • Transaction fees when you use gateways other than Shopify Payments
  • Limited customizations to product and content pages
  • Fewer out-of-the-box features
  • Rigid API call per second limits
  • Pricing is a % of revenue, it will go up and down based on sales (with a minimum of $2k per month).

Build your business on your own terms with BigCommerce

Build, run, and scale your online business exactly the way you want.

Built to scale

Build on a platform to scale with you. Empower innovation for your brand with BigCommerce's high-performance APIs, so you won't have to replatform as you grow.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice shouldn’t mean increased costs and limited functionality. BigCommerce gives you the flexibility and functionality to build the customer experience you want and avoid vendor lock-in.

Lower total cost of ownership

Scale your business without incurring extra fees. BigCommerce’s flat-rate pricing, automatic updates, and out-of-the-box capabilities enable you to map out investments to future-proof your company without compromise.

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Scale your business with BigCommerce

Learn how BigCommerce can help you expand your business with ease, not complexity and fees.

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