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I moved 2 stores from Magento to BigCommerce and without any other major changes, my revenue is up 2x year-over-year. Plus, we went with a BigCommerce Enterprise option, which is a fraction of what we were paying with Magento and 1/10th the headache. John McCann, CEO of Spectrum Audio

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"BigCommerce has helped me sell over $20,000,000. I've achieved ~5% conversion rates on mobile and over 80% of sales on mobile."

- Brandon Chatham, Founder of NatoMounts

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"With Magento, contractors can just strap you for more money, more money, more money. BigCommerce doesn't work like that."

- Doug Root, CEO at Atlanta Light Bulbs

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"Since moving from Magento to BigCommerce, our conversion rates are up 541% and our traffic is up 300%."

- Charles Countryman, Owner of Prepper Gear

We don't have to worry about traffic or checkout because BigCommerce scales.
John Lott, CFO/COO, Spearmint LOVE

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