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Annual Growth

According to research by Ipsos, BigCommerce merchants grow 28% year over year, nearly 2x the industry average.

Average Uptime

Your store is always open for business thanks to one of the best uptimes in the industry, including 100% availability during Cyber Week.

The Cost

BigCommerce is a quarter of the cost of on-premise solutions like Magento, with no hosting, maintenance, or update expenses.

Online stores selling more with BigCommerce

We power ecommerce websites for successful retailers all over the world.

“We’ve found that BigCommerce isn’t just a selling platform — it’s also our product catalog and our medium for customers who want to want to speak to us through channels like social media and live chat.”

Wayne AinsworthEcommerce Manager, Awesome GTI
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“The number one benefit of replatforming is the responsive site. Now our mobile conversions are increasing rapidly. Mobile conversion rate is up 272% and mobile revenue is up 193% since this time last year.”

Cory BarnesDigital Marketing Manager, Exxel Outdoors
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“Launching an ecommerce store on BigCommerce was one of the best things I've ever done. The user experience with BigCommerce is so helpful and it's important to have an accessible ecommerce platform that everyone can master.”

Michelle DeLoachOwner and Founder, Revelry
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