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  • Customize your store to enhance your brand and engage shoppers
  • Launch sites in half the time of other solutions with developer-friendly features
  • Grow sales with built-in SEO, single-page responsive checkout and faceted search

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Enhance your brand and grow your sales with BigCommerce

Online stores built on the BigCommerce theme framework offer superior shopping experiences and drive more revenue.

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Fully customizable

You’ll have full access to customize your store so that your brand and your products shine. You can even personalize your site to better engage and convert shoppers using conditional logic built on the Handlebars language. 

Developer friendly

We’ve built in the tools developers need to quickly create next-level online stores. Our framework allows for development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of proprietary languages. And we’re the first SaaS platform to offer a local development environment that uses your live product catalog, plus the ability to simultaneously preview across devices.

Designed to sell

BigCommerce stores include industry-best SEO to drive more free traffic, including optimized URL structure and built-in metadata. You’ll also get native tools to grow sales, like responsive single-page checkout that can increase conversion by 12%, and faceted search that can increase conversion by 10%. 

Our new theme has gotten nothing but positive feedback from our customers. Sales have grown over 75% in the last six months, just because of this change.— Alex Young,

Major brands selling on BigCommerce

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We have seen a 2% increase in goal conversions since launching with a new theme and average order value is up 4.4%.— Aaron Van Gorp, Commission Creative
One of my favorite aspects of BigCommerce’s theme framework is that it’s completely open source. That let us rebuild and redesign our site in just six weeks.— Dylan Staley, Marucci Sports
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My customers constantly compliment my new website design, and I’ve seen an increase in overall traffic and sales. My conversion rates went from 1.5% on average to 2.5–3% on average.— Gerard Aflague, Gerard Aflague Collection

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