Sell more at every stage of business growth

Epos Now’s BigCommerce integration lets merchants optimize their sales through our powerful integration. Selling through your online store has never been this easy.

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The easiest way to build your online business

With BigCommerce’s integration with Epos Now, you’ll be able to maximize your online sales and make better business decisions

Easy integration

The BigCommerce syncs with all Epos Now terminals, with applications for every industry.

  • No coding required
  • Everything you need in one app
  • 24/7 dedicated tech support

Sync your stock

Connect your Epos Now inventory with your BigCommerce store.

  • Update stock levels instantly
  • Easily manage and review sales
  • Refresh all channels with up-to-the-minute inventory levels

Ecommerce management

Make managing your online store easier with BigCommerce’s online tools.

  • Get organized with inventory management tools
  • Sync with other leading integrations
  • Choose from a range of payment and shipping providers
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Ready to go: all you need to start accepting payments

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BigCommerce integrates data from your Epos Now system, pooling all your data in one place.

  • Sync your POS data with BigCommerce
  • Use up-to-date data to create in-depth sales reports
  • Leverage actionable insights to boost efficiency
  • Manage sales in a single dashboard
  • Identify best-selling items by channel

Flexible back office

Take advantage of BigCommerce’s unparalleled back office features for payments, currency management, and shipping.

  • Integrate payment gateways to let customers pay in their own currencies
  • Choose from over 65 payment gateway integrations, serving 100+ countries with 250 local payment methods
  • Work with popular e-wallet integrations, such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Venmo, and more
  • Configure shipping services to what you can offer
  • Use automation to calculate your taxes

Easy-to-use marketing tools

BigCommerce makes promoting your business, products and services easy.

  • Select your perfect website design from BigCommerce’s professionally designed themes
  • Launch quickly and customize new pages with Page Builder
  • Drive new traffic with advanced SEO features
  • Reward your loyal customers with promotions and gift certificates
  • Set up automated email campaigns to drive repeat business
  • Customize any email sent from your store
  • Choose from a range of email and gift certificate templates