Strategic Moves for the New Ecommerce Landscape

COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior has accelerated adoption of new retail and digital technologies. Hear industry expert perspectives on the future of ecommerce — and how to prepare.

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Three Deep Dives into the Future of Ecommerce

How a Female-Founded Fashion Brand Launched Their Online Business Amidst a Global Pandemic

Ethan Giffin, CEO & Founder, Groove

COVID-19 prompted many retailers to establish a new digital presence — fast. Hear how fashion retailer Sara Campbell shifted quickly from brick-and-mortar to online.

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An Advanced Toolkit for Ecommerce Growth: AI Search and Merchandising

Mark Adams, CEO, Attraqt

With AI-powered search and merchandising, put your store on the leading edge to deliver a personalized customer experience and help scale your business faster.

A 2020 Trend That’s Here to Stay: Sustainability

Saloni Doshi, CEO, EcoEnclose

More than ever before, consumers are demanding transparency from the brands they shop. Here’s what it means to be a sustainable, transparent company in 2021.

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Get Actionable Tips for Navigating the New Ecommerce Landscape

For better or worse, shifting consumer buying behaviors have created a distinct opportunity for retailers to adapt in innovative ways. In these videos, you’ll learn:

    • How brick-and-mortar brands got online fast
    • What technologies you need for your store
    • How to build personalization into your site
    • What a great customer experience looks like
    • Why sustainability trends aren’t going away

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