Omnichannel Insights from Commerce Thought Leaders

Get three perspectives on omnichannel commerce from experts in the field digging into social commerce, brick-and-mortar, and why a positive customer experience is critical to success.

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On-Demand Omnichannel Strategy Sessions

Sell Where Your Customers Are With a Social Commerce Strategy

Nathan Lam, Business Product Marketing Lead, Facebook

Learn more about how the rise of social commerce is impacting the industry, and get actionable tips for leveraging social commerce to grow your business.

Nathan Lam

Vaughan Fergusson

Offline Retail Isn’t Dead: How to Build an Effective Online and Offline Strategy

Vaughan Fergusson, Founder, Vend

Retail isn’t dead — it’s just changing. Learn how to build an effective offline and online strategy in the wake of the global pandemic.

How to Create a User Experience Your Customers Will Never Forget

Buck Sleeper, Director, ePAM Continuum

Retail and restaurant expert Buck Sleeper shares his perspectives on how retailers can innovate on their customer experience.

Buck Sleeper

Get Actionable Tips to Build Your Omnichannel Success Strategy

Omnichannel commerce opens up so many new opportunities to reach customers, tell your brand story in new places and deliver a positive, end-to-end shopping experience. In these videos, you’ll learn:

  • What’s so important about social commerce
  • Where and why to expand your channel mix 
  • Why not to count out brick-and-mortar yet 
  • What a great customer experience looks like 
  • How to build omnichannel retail experiences