The New Rules of Growth

Retail Strategies to Address Snowballing Customer Acquisition Costs

This ebook dives deep into the new tactics savvy businesses are using to drive customer acquisition and increase revenue.

Discover how to help your brand rise above above the noise, increase efficiency and thrive in a changing ecommerce and retail landscape. This guide will cover:

  • Creating unparallelled, content-driven customer experiences through headless commerce
  • Streamlining everything from your distribution channels to your checkout page
  • Expanding to new business models like subscription, brick-and-mortar, and DTC
  • Fresh takes on marketing strategies like direct mail and working with agencies
  • How to really compete in international markets

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“Since our first of operation, we have grown 166% YoY and undoubtedly part of that growth can be attributed to the switch to BigCommerce...We use PayPal Braintree as our payments solution, which enables us to accept Mastercard and Visa, too. ” — David Berlach, CEO of Bohemian Traders

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