From idea to inspiration: Passion Planner grows their brand with BigCommerce and PayPal

When it comes to discovering a platform to help you sell your items online, the tools you use alongside your website make all the difference.

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Pairing the most feature-rich ecommerce solution from BigCommerce with the powerful payment technology from PayPal help brands like Passion Planner increase conversion rates and grow easily.

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"Ever since switching over to BigCommerce, we don’t have to worry about any of the little things anymore, and this gives us a lot more time to really focus on the big picture and innovate on bigger projects, bigger ideas — so that we can give back to our customers."


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Quickly access PayPal’s most powerful products and offerings with BigCommerce

Our built-in integration with PayPal powered by Braintree lets you easily accept credit and debit cards, offer PayPal, and even extend credit to your customers through your online store. Here are a few other reasons Passion Planner chose BigCommerce:

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Automated logistics

Native shipping, label-printing, and fulfillment services keep your business on track.

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Customer-first shopping experience

Offer customers choice in payment and reach more of an international audience by integrating PayPal.

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Focus on your vision and goals

Automate every operation so you can keep your eyes on innovation.

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