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Join our Q3 referral blitz and refer business to BigCommerce for a chance to win a marketing program

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Refer qualified leads and we'll thank you with marketing

Each week, the top qualified lead referring partner will win a marketing package from BigCommerce.

How It Works

Source leads

Do you know merchants looking to re-platform before holiday or are expressing interest in BigCommerce? They may be a good fit for us!

Refer to BigCommerce

Using your dedicated deal registration page or this referral page, send us merchants you think would want to have a discovery with BigCommerce.

Enter to win Marketing

As our way of saying "thank you", each week we'll give the partner with the highest qualified lead count a marketing promotion to launch in Q3.

Get in front of more merchants

Refer more and you could win:

  • A dedicated email
  • Featured placement in the App Marketplace
  • Placement in our next agency or customer newsletter
  • A banner in the BigCommerce control panel
  • A LinkedIn + Twitter post

Grand prize marketing bundle: a dedicated email, an in-product banner, inclusion in the August customer newsletter, and two weeks featured in the app marketplace.

Join in on our Q3 Selling Spree and start referring now!

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Eligibility: Open to formalized BigCommerce partners. BigCommerce partner must be current on rev share reporting and payments to qualify for this contest. 

Terms: "Contest" valid from June 24 at 9:00 am CST to October 6 at 12:00 AM CT. For all eligible partners, qualified leads, as determined by BigCommerce (see resource guide), referred during the "contest" will deem the referring partner entered to win a marketing tactic outlined by BigCommerce. 

Marketing tactic announcement schedule:

  • A targeted email to BigCommerce merchants - announced Friday, 6/21
  • Featured placement in the BigCommerce marketplace for two weeks - announced Friday, 6/28
  • Placement in August agency newsletter - announced Monday, 7/8
  • Placement in August customer newsletter - announced Friday, 7/12
  • A targeted banner in the BigCommerce control panel for two weeks - announced Friday, 7/19
  • A LinkedIn + Twitter post in August - announced Friday, 7/26
  • Featured placement in the BigCommerce marketplace for two weeks - announced Friday, 8/2

All "Targeted" marketing will have audience size determined by BigCommerce and shall not directly target said partner's competitors. 

BigCommerce has 4 (four) weeks to execute all agreed upon activities.