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BigCommerce is one of the first ecommerce platforms to connect directly with Facebook’s shop, ads and checkout so you can display, advertise, and sell products to more than 1 billion monthly users.

How to sell on Facebook with BigCommerce:

  1. Create a BigCommerce store.
  2. Add your products.
  3. Add Facebook from BigCommerce Channel Manager.
  4. Start selling on Facebook.

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"94% of our traffic comes from Facebook, Instagram and email alone, so it's important that those channels work in unison."David Berlach, CEO, Bohemian Traders

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3 more reasons why the fastest-growing brands prefer BigCommerce


Faceted Search

Faceted search can boost sales by as much as 10% by helping shoppers quickly find the products they want using filters like size, color, brand and even custom attributes.


Abandoned Cart Saver

Up to 65% of online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout. Our abandoned cart saver recovers 15% of lost carts on average, and increases conversion by as much as 50%.


Multi-channel Ecommerce

Retailers selling on two or more channels average twice the revenue of single-channel sellers. The BigCommerce Channel Manager makes multi-channel retailing effortless, letting you manage all your listings from one location.

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