Empower your customer, accelerate your business

Empower the heart of your business by efficiently servicing customer needs on their timeline, 24x7, through your B2B ecommerce portal. Evolve your business! Delight your customers!

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Already a BigCommerce merchant? Accelerate your B2B business with Systum!

Empower & delight your B2B customers

B2B ecommerce today is expected to be frictionless, customer-centric, and efficient.

A frictionless experience

All within the ecommerce storefront — from quotes to orders, invoices to payments, returns to refunds, real-time stock availability. Simple. Direct.

The heart of your business

Working with Systum can increase your customer satisfaction & your sales. Customers can self-serve 24x7, anywhere. Manage your insight with real time data & analytics.

Efficiency attained

  • Transaction history available
  • Reordering, scheduling, and draft orders
  • Real-time status and inventory visibility
  • Fast, accurate, easy
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“Systum really takes the human error out of order processing. The customer is able to order what they want and when they want, and we save time on our end as well.”

Samantha IrwinHeavenly Hounds
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Systum Central – B2B ecommerce portal

Today’s B2B customers expect the same type of seamless, customer-centric experience enjoyed when buying as a B2C consumer. With Systum Central as the solution to your B2B strategy you empower your customers to transact how they want, where they want, 24x7 while improving your insights with real time data & analytics.

Seamless operational support for the customer

The integration of Systum B2B functionality with BigCommerce not only facilitates real time operational support for your customer’s transactions in Systum Central but also advances your abilities with centralized order & inventory management along with accurate data and analytics.

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Evolve and extend your B2B presence

Offer customer-specific pricing, promotions, and gating of products. No limits on order volume including high-volume for multiple variants. Integrated purchasing through purchase orders. Real time inventory availability and tracking. Sell through multiple channels. Integrate further via open API’s and EDI.

It’s not about your software, it’s about your customer. Systum Central brings a next-level B2B experience that delights your customers and powers your growth.

Enable your customers to serve their own needs through your branded, B2B ecommerce portal.

Accelerate your B2B business by making commerce possible 24/7 through multiple channels of sale.

Delight customers and increase sales by empowering them to shop and purchase the way they want.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Email and online customer support portal
  • Additional Functional Modules available
  • Fixed cost standard implementation
  • Fast Standard Deployment: 30 – 45 days to launch