Sales Bonus Terms and Conditions

Subject to the BigCommerce Partner Agreement and these terms, we will provide partners who register two (2) or more Enterprise or Pro plans in the month of June with a sales bonus to be delivered in the partner's monthly commission check (the "Offer"). Partners who close an Enterprise Plan will receive $500 or $200 when a Pro Plan is sold. Design and Solution Partners have 90-days to close the deal and will receive the payout in a lump sum which can be viewed as a line item on their monthly commission check.

You must maintain a BigCommerce Partner account in good standing to receive the benefits of the Offer.

To be eligible for the Offer, the Design and Solution Partner must have registered two (2) Enterprise or Pro plans, in the month of June. Deals must close in 90-days to receive a bonus. A partner will receive one payouts for the deals they register in June. Partners can register more than two (2) deals and close more than two (2) but will only receive the promotion for the first deal closed. 

We may modify or cancel the Offer at any time. Offer good while supplies last.