Does your ecommerce store exceed shopper expectations?

Complete our complimentary Ecommerce Health Check to see how your online store experience ranks — and discover if you’re passing with flying colors or falling behind.

Are you losing out on revenue because of an inferior shopper experience?

This assessment will help you understand the health of your ecommerce program. You’ll be evaluated on three criteria:

  • The on-site experience: Can you easily customize your website to adapt to customer preferences?
  • Powering the shopper journey: How well are you integrating the right tools to support a seamless experience?
  • Selling where your customers are: Are you reaching your target customers across channels and geographies?

The results will uncover how well you’re performing — and provide resources and recommendations to help you improve the bottom line.

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Where does your online store rank?

Illustration Industry Standard Behind

Your ecommerce program is trailing behind because it lacks a majority of the foundational elements needed to fulfill shopper needs.

Illustration Industry Standard Passable

You’ve got the basics figured out, but there are several gaps limiting your ability to serve your customers and become a leader in your market.

Illustration Industry Standard Differentiated

Your ecommerce program surpasses the standards customers have come to expect and is on the way to unlocking the full potential of your brand.

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Leveraging our decades of leadership experience and deep industry knowledge of what works, we've built this assessment to help ensure you're making the most out of your site.

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