$71 in FREE Refunds for 3 months Plus Ongoing Shipping Refunds

If you ship via FedEx or UPS, you are entitled to refunds on all late deliveries. 71lbs works on your behalf to identify those late deliveries, file and fight your claims to make sure you are getting your due refunds.

As Your Shipping Advocate, 71lbs makes it easy to automate your shipping refunds, verify invoice surcharges, assist with lost or damaged claims, and more. The fee for the service is contingent upon the actual refunds you receive – 71lbs only gets paid after your company does. By activating your account through BigCommerce, you will receive $71 in FREE Refunds for 3 months. *

71lbs is focused on reducing your total shipping cost and provides a customized dashboard with robust analytics that will aid in your overall shipping process, clarifying the confusing fee and cost structure of FedEx and UPS. NO CHANGE IS REQUIRED TO YOUR SHIPPING ACCOUNTS.

The money you save through the refunds you receive can help pay for the monthly plan you have with BigCommerce.

71lbs Key Features:

Save Money: Late Delivery Refunds, Lost or Damaged packages, Invoice Errors, and Service Cost Negotiation.

Understand Complicated Costs & Fees: Robust Dashboard with Shipping Analytics.

Superior Customer Success Team: Available to discuss your service claims or review your dashboard via phone or online chat.

*Applied to the first three individual invoices