FedEx and UPS Invoice Auditing on us!

Did you know that if any FedEx or UPS package you send arrives late it should be free? But .... FedEx and UPS do not AUTOMATICALLY give you those refunds. That’s where Refund Retriever comes in.

Refund Retriever will liaise directly with FedEx or UPS to ensure you're not losing money on shipping efforts. Through their easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use services, Refund Retriever monitors your invoices, shipping disputes and any expenses billed to your shipping account... ultimately identifying if late packages have been delivered as well as if any billing mistakes have been made. Through this process, Refund Retriever then identifies what refunds you are due to be credited for and processes these to ensure you are refunded accordingly.

Refund Retriever is strictly 100% performance based. Their fee comes out of the actual savings they make for you. So, no refund, no fee. Plus, no setup, monthly or cancellation charges either.

Each package you send is guaranteed to arrive on time or it's FREE! Sign up today and keep 100% of confirmed FedEx and UPS refunds during your first month! No monthly, set up, or cancellation fees.