Optimize your business with ecommerce analytics & reporting


Go beyond standard web analytics

BigCommerce Analytics is a suite of reports designed specifically for ecommerce. Other tools like Google Analytics help you track performance, but they lack deeper insights such as customer purchase data for more accurate targeting, segmentation and lifetime value calculation.

Smart ecommerce reporting

The BigCommerce Analytics Dashboard gives you a consolidated snapshot of all your critical metrics, including orders, visits, conversion rate, AOV and more. Quickly see what’s working and what’s not, then drill down to solve problems.

Optimize with the Purchase Funnel Report

Our Purchase Funnel Report lets you improve your shopper journey by seeing how visitors are moving through your site and where they're getting stuck.

Improve conversion with informed merchandising

Optimize your inventory and increase conversion using our merchandising report, which provides performance metrics on which products are and are not selling.

Increase revenue with advanced ecommerce reports

Our sophisticated intelligence reports, BigCommerce Insights, automatically analyze your business and give you recommendations that can increase revenue by up to 25%.

Spot order trends

Product-level data on your orders will help you recognize trends over time and gauge the impact of promotions, sales, seasonality and other factors on your business.

Keep customers coming back

Increase your customer loyalty with details on your buyers’ behavior, what products they’re purchasing and how they’re shopping.

Make better marketing decisions

Get the most out of every marketing dollar with data on your channels, campaigns and promotions that can increase advertising efficiency by 15–20%.

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