Become Beholden-Less

Adopting a headless commerce strategy means you're not beholden to one system for the other. It also means that in that decoupled manner, you can have your business users –– your marketing team –– innovate on that front end without always having to go to IT to do so.

Watch BigCommerce’s interview with Eric Gutoski, Partner & Managing Director of North America at BORN Group, one of the leading retail agencies in the US.

In the 10 minute talk, Gutoski explains how a headless commerce strategy allows brands to separate the business logic layer of the business from the marketing layer, making both IT and marketing happier and more effective.

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With BigCommerce for WordPress, we’re completely nimble and have optionality in global markets because of a headless commerce approach with multi-currency capabilities. BigCommerce has empowered us to strategize freely among the global regions we do business in. So at the end of the day, BigCommerce for Wordpress is more than just a headless commerce solution, it’s sleeping well at night. — Chris Grow, Global Marketing Manager, Firewire Surfboards

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