YouTube Advertising Best Practices for Maximizing Conversions

Join our webinar with Logical Position, a BigCommerce Partner, to learn more tips on advertising on YouTube


Youtube Advertising

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Get creative on one of the most versatile advertising platforms in the world. From building brand awareness to increasing customer lifetime value, YouTube offers a wide range of advertising opportunities to help ecommerce businesses grow.

Here’s what you can expect from this webinar:

  • Discover how you can better target your ideal audience.
  • Learn what types of YouTube Ads will help you reach your goals.
  • See how you can re-engage with customers using remarketing.
  • Gain insight on running campaigns that are both compelling and cost-effective.
  • Figure out how you can measure the success of your ads.

Meet the Speaker

Ryan Garrow

Director of Client Solutions and Partnerships, Logical Position

As the CEO of TQE Marketing, Ryan transformed a boutique digital agency into one of the premier eCommerce marketing teams in the country. Since TQE was acquired by Logical Position, he has worked personally with thousands of clients of all sizes and industries to develop custom digital marketing strategies that minimize costs and maximize returns.

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