MailChimp Migration Guide

These steps will walk you through disabling the legacy MailChimp integration in your control panel and adding the updated MailChimp single-click app for improved performance and functionality.

1. In your BigCommerce Control Panel, navigation to Marketing > Email Marketing and deselect the MailChimp option under Email Integration Settings. Then click Save.

2. From the side bar, click Apps > Marketplace. This will take you to the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace, where you'll need to search for MailChimp.

3. Once you’ve located the MailChimp app, click through to the app landing page and use the Install button to add it to your store.

4. After granting permission to the MailChimp app, you’ll be asked to connect your MailChimp account. Click Connect and log into your MailChimp account.

5. After selecting the proper MailChimp account for your store, click Continue. You will now need to select the List from your MailChimp account that you want to sync BigCommerce contacts to.

NOTE: If any of your prior customers have not yet been synced to MailChimp, they will be synced to this list once your complete the setup.

6. Map the merge tags on the left from your MailChimp list to the BigCommerce fields on the right using the dropdown menus.

7. Once you’ve finished your mapping, click Sync Now at the bottom-right of the page. This option will sync all of your existing customers to the MailChimp list you selected in the previous step.

8. Follow the script installation instructions in the next step and click Validate Script Installation to finish the app setup.

You're all set! You can now take advantage of any of the additional features you see on the MailChimp app dashboard, including order notifications, abandoned carts, retargeting emails, and more.

Need additional help? Please see the full MailChimp for BigCommerce guide in Mailchimp's knowledge base, or contact MailChimp Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Once this is set up, do I need to do any ongoing maintenance on the integration to make sure my new customers are syncing?

No. Your customers will now automatically sync to the list you selected in setup, and will sync based on those mappings.

2. Do I need to disconnect the legacy MailChimp integration in my control panel before installing the MailChimp single-click app?

Yes. This way, you can ensure the syncs do not conflict or attempt to add duplicates.

3. Are there any additional charges for using the MailChimp single-click app instead of the legacy integration?

No. There are no charges for using the MailChimp single-click app to connect to your existing MailChimp account.

4. Can I edit the list or mappings I set up initially?

To change the settings for your MailChimp sync, you will need to disconnect your store and then reconfigure the settings.

5. Can I see a log of what has been synced?

Yes. Once the app is configured in your store, you will have the option to View Log History at the bottom of the MailChimp app dashboard.

6. Will my newsletter subscribers on my storefront be synced to MailChimp?

Yes. Customers or visitors who sign up for the newsletter either through your footer signup or through the checkout process will be added to your MailChimp list.

For any additional questions, please contact MailChimp Support.