Ecommerce analytics to grow your business

Get from data to decisions fast with BigCommerce Analytics


Actionable insights at a glance

How much money have you made today? What are orders looking like? Find out fast with one consolidated view that includes all the information you need. The BigCommerce Analytics dashboard makes it easy to keep tabs on the metrics that matter most, from marketing to orders, conversion, merchandising and more — all in your BigCommerce control panel.

One place to measure all marketing

Driving traffic to your ecommerce website takes time, effort and money. What's bringing you the highest quality traffic? BigCommerce helps you make the most of your marketing budget and lets you see what's transforming visitors into customers. One merchant saw what was working, made changes and improved their organic traffic by over 50% in the first 30 days.


See orders in real time

Orders are the heartbeat of any store, and now you can know how your business is doing down to the second. Whether you're on a desktop, laptop or your mobile device, BigCommerce delivers real-time visibility into what's selling and who's buying it. Watch every order as it's placed and use our out-of-the-box reports to spot trends over time.

Optimize your inventory

Access to what's hot and what's not is just a click away. Match high-converting hidden gems in your catalog with what's hot and see results like 300% growth in orders and 60% improvement in conversion rates. With BigCommerce Analytics, it's simple to optimize your inventory based on current sales data instead of old forecasts so you can make smart decisions about markdowns, promotions and more.


Identify big spenders and keep them coming back

Every time a customer returns to your store, they're more likely to come back again. A loyal base of shoppers is a great way to build a foundation for a successful business. Use customer reporting to understand the behavior of your returning customers or re-engage former shoppers who have gone quiet and keep them engaged with custom campaigns.

Seize lost revenue

Purchase funnel reports aren't just for the Fortune 500 anymore. BigCommerce shows you how potential customers are moving through your site and where they're getting stuck. See how long buyers are looking at products and which items are being abandoned in their carts and reduce cart abandonment by 10% or more.