Get 2 Weeks of ReadyCloud CRM For Free.

ReadyCloud™ helps you get to know your customers better so you can improve ROI. It’s a true cross-channel CRM that connects to your BigCommerce store and all your sales channels. ReadyCloud™ creates instant customer profiles based on your e-commerce order activity—so you can put a name and face to customers who’ve made purchases across multiple channels.

See your orders like never before, with detailed reporting that includes seasonal activity, shipping and tracking data, and returns. With features like Continuous Scroll on your order data, you’ll have real-time access to every order, every shipment, and every customer that’s in your funnel, making it easy to create new relationships with customers or improve existing ones.

ReadyCloud’s clean and modern interface was built for expansion. New updates are being rolled out every two weeks to improve functionality and add more features for users. Open Something New™ with cross-channel CRM for Your E-commerce World™ today!     

Key Features: 

·       True cross-channel CRM 

·       Creates instant customer profiles based on order data 

·       Includes detailed notes for each profile

 ·       Robust reporting with orders, shipping, tracking and returns  

·       Calendar with team and customer tagging  

·       Addable, premium plugins like Shipping and Returns  

·       Growing list of integrations from the App Store  

·       2 Week Free Trial – no credit card needed     

We think all online retailers deserve a cross-channel CRM. That’s why the first 2 weeks are on us. Get started today by signing up through our BigCommerce partner offer!