BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards

Agency partners provide merchants with innovative solutions to deliver world class online experiences including SEO services, UX/UI design, migration services and more!

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Expertise Categories

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B2B Excellence Award

You focus on efficiently solving the complex needs of a B2B merchant and utilize B2B product features including price lists, open API’s and customer groups.
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High Growth Award

As a Partner, you accelerated the online revenue growth of a BigCommerce enterprise merchant from January 2018- September 2019.
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Creative Problem Solving Award

You use creative problem solving skills to provide unique back-end or front-end solutions for your BigCommerce merchants. You win business based on your innovative approach to deliver powerful online experiences.
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Marketing Solutions Award

Your business provides outstanding marketing services to merchants by being well-versed in implementing omnichannel integrations like social selling, email strategy services, lead generation SEO, and/or mobile strategy.
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Headless Award

Headless Commerce blends content and experience-driven site functionality to demonstrate the full potential of the BigCommerce platform. Leveraging our open API's, you deliver custom development work to produce unique online experiences
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BigCommerce Agency Partner Awards

These awards are distributed to agency partners who have gone above and beyond in customer satisfaction, excellent design work, and high-performing partner marketing campaigns. No application necessary.

Partner of the Year 

Highest MRR for U.S based agency, September 28, 2018- September 20, 2019

International Partner of the Year

Highest MRR for non-US agency, September 28, 2018- September 20, 2019 

New Partner of the Year

New agency partner (<1 year in BigCommerce Program) with the highest close rate

Best Partner Marketing Award

Agency Partner with world-class marketing chops and successfully executes co-marketing activities with BigCommerce

The Closer

Agency Partner (2+ years in BigCommerce Program) with the highest close rate

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