Meet our BigCommerce Technology Winners

From email marketing, to shipping, to back office integration and more, technology partners provide BigCommerce merchants with integrations they need to run and grow their business. 

BigCommerce 2019 Tech Partner of the Year Award Winner Rewind

2019 Tech Partner of the Year

Rewind and BigCommerce are a winning combination that adds up to a wonderful partnership. Rewind’s positive customer reviews, world-class support, and highly collaborative team add up to a partnership BigCommerce is proud of.

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BigCommerce 2019 Merchant's Choice Award Winner

Merchant's Choice Award was selected for outstanding customer support and incredible reviews in our BigCommerce app marketplace, with an average 4.5 star rating and upwards of 400 total reviews.

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BigCommerce 2019 Best New Integration Award Winner Marsello

Best New Integration Award

Marsello, a newer marketplace app, was chosen for providing a unique combination of loyalty programs and marketing automation geared towards BigCommerce’s SMB sellers. The integration has seen high adoption in just a short time on the platform.

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BigCommerce 2019 Best B2B Solution Award Winner PunchOut2Go

Best B2B Solution Award

PunchOut2Go supports our B2B merchants with key functionalities they need to run their unique businesses, including shortening sales cycles, improving customer retention metrics, and eliminating manual data entry.

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BigCommerce 2019 Best International Solution Award Winner Signifyd

Best International Solution Award

International sellers have unique business needs, and they're in great hands with Signifyd. They provide country-specific fraud coverage, supporting cross-border transactions for merchants without requiring specific local fraud domain knowledge or data sets.

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BigCommerce 2019 Innovation Integration Award Winner

Innovation Integration Award

Klaviyo has leaned into our partnership in a huge way, overhauling their integration using BigCommerce APIs and webhooks. Their updates make email marketing even simpler, including features like automated follow-up on cart or browsing behaviors and back-in-stock automation.

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BigCommerce 2019 Best User Experience Award Winner Easyship

Best User Experience Award

Easyship was selected for this award for a user interface that provides ease of use from the start. The integration features a prompted onboarding flow, a dashboard to track a merchant’s setup progress, and excellent tools to help manage and report on shipments.

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BigCommerce 2019 Think Big Award Winner Acumatica

Think Big Award

A true business partner, Acumatica was selected for driving the highest dollar amount of MRR to BigCommerce at the time of award selection. They have succeeded in driving new customers to BigCommerce through co-selling, targeted events, and more.

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BigCommerce 2019 API Power User Award Winner Shogun

API Power User Award

Shogun allows BigCommerce users to design and publish custom landing pages without developer assistance. The integration also allows for sophisticated pages which pull in information like product data to create impressive landing pages easily.

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BigCommerce 2019 Best Partner Marketing Award Winner Bloomreach

Best Partner Marketing Award

Bloomreach’s highly effective co-marketing activity with BigCommerce has been truly impressive. Bloomreach has led campaigns that include deeply collaborative co-selling and targeted outbounding.

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