Industry-leading professional services

Your subscription includes access to world-class premium services to ensure your long-term success

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Industry-leading professional services

Your subscription includes access to world-class premium services to ensure your long-term success

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Paul Mitchell Professional Services

Dedicated onboarding consultants

Our Onboarding Consultants will help you launch your store quickly and effectively

The fastest, most efficient way to launch

Your Onboarding Consultant is dedicated to helping you quickly and successfully launch your online store on BigCommerce. Our in-house team helps Enterprise merchants launch in four months on average, getting you selling faster than other ecommerce platforms.

Launch plans tailored to your business

Your consultant will learn your business requirements, KPIs and goals, then create and manage a custom launch plan that will get you there. Your comprehensive plan will include catalog transfer, design, solutions engineering, integrations and more.

Partner recommendations

One of the services your consultant can provide is finding a partner to handle your site design and development. They’ll help you select the perfect fit from our extensive partner network, which includes leading agencies like Gorilla Group, Groove and Silk.

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My Onboarding Consultant was instrumental in getting my store launched. He created a thought-out plan of attack and executed it with precision. My business is growing as a result.Michael Studemir, Diecast Models Wholesale

Premium account services

Your Enterprise subscription includes on-demand access to our Premium Account Services team, which is focused on helping you solve complex account issues

Ecommerce experts at your fingertips

Our in-house team of seasoned BigCommerce experts will identify key opportunities, recommend integrations and partners, and show you how to take advantage of our most powerful features to continue growing your business.

Personalized problem-solving

Our Account Services team will help you save time, reduce costs and grow sales. They'll assist you in solving complex business challenges, optimizing processes and developing solutions for goals like growing category sales or improving cross-selling.

Your BigCommerce advocates

Your team will give you the inside track by serving as your advocate within BigCommerce. They’ll escalate problems, bugs, and feature requests, offer you exclusive beta access, and share your feedback with our Product and Engineering teams.

The Premium Account Services team helped transfer our existing Magento product database quickly and painlessly, answered questions about BigCommerce’s capabilities, and recommended developers who could help us. We simply did not have the internal resources to complete some of the tasks your team undertook, making this service priceless.John Glover, Awesome GTI

Enterprise account management

Larger Enterprise merchants are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who knows your business inside and out


Proactive outreach

Your Account Manager is your single point of contact who is intimately familiar with all aspects of your business. They’re invested in your success, and will proactively share best practices, help implement new features and integrations, get you access to beta tests, and more.

A plan for your success

Every quarter, your manager will create a Success Plan with ideas to help you grow. They’ll suggest fixes for underperforming products, recommend ways to increase SEO, highlight opportunities to grow other channels, and develop solutions for your biggest pain points.

Our account manager has been extremely helpful. His knowledge and guidance have saved us a lot of time, money and frustration.Johan DePraeter, The Textile District

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1Proven enterprise account management expertise, exceeding merchant expectations and maintaining more than a 99% retention rate for customers with a dedicated account manager.