Future-proof your business

16 & 17 June 9:00am–4:00pm (AEST)

In this virtual event, gain insights and actionable advice from industry leaders and ecommerce professionals, united to support you and your growth in 2020.

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Meet the Speakers

Headshot Illustration Employee Meghan Stabler Bigcommerce Right

Meghan Stabler

Enabling Ecommerce Agility in a Changing Retail Landscape

In this webinar, BigCommerce’s Global SVP of Product Marketing uses her extensive ecommerce expertise to dive deep into how businesses can be nimble and ready to shift with however the retail landscape changes.

Headshot Illustration Partner Ben Cook Frank Nesci Comestri Right

Ben Cook & Frank Nesci

The Product or The Customer?

What’s more important—how you sell the product or how you treat your customer? Learn how to position your product to move quickly and where to find new customers.

Headshot Illustration Partner Aparna Gray Dotdigital Right

Aparna Gray

CX: The Devil Is in the Data

Join Aparna Gray, Head of Marketing for APAC for dotdigital, as she delves into how you can understand and manipulate your business’ data flow to unlock your brand’s engagement potential.

Headshot Illustration Partner Haley Norton Trustpilot Right

Haley Norton

The Importance of Social Proof in Uncertain Times

More than ever, people want reassurance that they’re spending their money wisely. Learn how to use reviews to build trust and help shoppers feel comfortable in their purchasing decisions.

Headshot Illustration Partner Mac Wang Mac Witmer Stripe Right

Mac Wang & Mac Witmer

The Art of Conversion

Boost purchase rates and accelerate revenue. Learn the tactics that leading businesses use to optimise their checkout experience and grow in spite of market conditions.

Headshot Illustration Partner Chloe Pascal Nosto Right

Chloe Pascal

Creating a White Glove Online Shopping Experience: Current Trends and Quick Wins

In this session, discover the most effective personalization strategies to implement in order to deliver a white-glove service across your online store.

Headshot Illustration Partner Matthew Scott Klarna Right

Matthew Scott

Experience is the New Loyalty

Understand the origin, rise and current challenges of loyalty programs through the lens of the new dominant consumer base, Gen Z. What changes are on the horizon for the world of loyalty?

Headshot Illustration Partner Alex Gannon Reload Media Right

Alexandra Gannon

Ecommerce Digital Marketing in 2020: The Seven Things You Should Be Considering

We will share our top strategies—from customer journey mapping and attribution modelling, to ways you can use an omni-channel approach to nurture customers through to purchase.

Headshot Illustration Partner David Coates Ena Eaton Forter Right

David Coates & Ena Eaton

Thriving in the New Reality

How are online businesses not only surviving, but finding ways to thrive?

Headshot Illustration Partner Rob Hango Zada Shippit Right

Rob Hango-Zada

The Importance of Shipping in World 2.0

Recent events have accelerated the online landscape and there are opportunities for retailers to grow and flourish. We’ll show you how to take control of your shipping in this new era.

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