Security in SaaS: A Technical Deep Dive

Recent studies show an astonishing 73% of organizations now report that Software as a Service (SaaS) will make up a majority of their applications by 2020. Despite a long list of benefits, security concerns hold back some enterprises from adopting SaaS.

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See why security is a key contributor to SaaS adoption. Then we’ll send you in subsequent emails parts 2 and 3 to complete the guide that ensures your ecommerce site and customer data remain secure.

In the first of the three-part series, “Security in SaaS: A Technical Deep Dive,” we launch into how SaaS delivers the robust security framework for running a successful ecommerce business. The complete ebook provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to evaluate SaaS solutions, including:

  • Detailed checklist for SaaS security
  • Five essential industry standards required for security
  • Qualifying questionnaire for potential providers

“With BigCommerce, we can rest assured that we’re PCI-compliant 24/7/365. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate not having any compliance concerns whatsoever.”

Rick CulletonCEO, Discount Electronics

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