Advanced online shipping and fulfillment

We reduce shipping hassles to keep you and your customers happy.


Start shipping quickly with Shipping Manager

Fulfillment can be one of the biggest challenges for an online store, but the BigCommerce Shipping Manager makes it easy. With just a few clicks, you can set up your location, the locations to which you’ll be selling, and the shipping methods used for each area. You can see all your shipping settings at a glance and quickly make changes when needed.

Print USPS shipping labels with a click

To make it incredibly simple to ship via the US Postal Service, we’ve integrated with the USPS whisperers at Endicia. Our built-in integration allows you to offer real-time USPS quotes to your customers and print shipping labels right from your control panel using a no-fee Endicia account. Think about it — no more interminable trips to the post office! To add on exclusive postage discounts, you can sign up for an Endicia subscription for as little as $15.95/month.


Real-time quotes for better customer service

So your customers will know exactly how much they’ll have to pay for shipping, we offer real-time shipping quotes (aka calculated rates) for major international carriers.


Get in the shipping zone

To make your life easier, we base shipping on zones. You can set up different shipping zones based on country, state, ZIP or a combination. You can even create a “rest of the world” zone to cover any areas not specified in other zones. Just select the shipping methods and carriers for each zone, and you’re ready to ship all over the globe!

Improve conversion by offering free shipping

Giving the gift of free shipping is a great way to improve conversion and ensure you’re beloved by your customers. We let you earn that adoration a few different ways: enable free shipping for everywhere you ship, only to specific zones, only for specific products, or by creating a coupon code or discount rule.

feat-free shipping

Use dropshipping to start selling quickly

No products? No problem! You can use one of our many fine dropshipping apps to populate your product catalog from a number of suppliers who take care of all that time-consuming fulfillment business for you. Easily integrate your store with providers like Doba and Ordoro to simplify your shipping process and eliminate the need to store inventory.